Theme Ideas for Horror Photography

Theme Ideas for Horror Photography + Photos!

12/21/20220 min read

Halloween may be over but at Surreal Temptations, it's spooky time all the time!

Ashley has done many Scary, Creepy, and Frightening Photoshoots.

Most of their Horror Photographs also add a hint or more of sexiness—we'll work with you to find the right amount of sexiness ( or non-sexiness if you want that!) for your photos.

For Example, The photos can be full Horror or Horror but a little Hotness or full Horror Hottie! We know how hard it can be to find a theme that inspires you, so we've put together a list of some of our most popular themes. You can use this as inspiration when you're ready to book or to decide on your dream shoot when you are ready to shoot!

  • Vampire: What could be more fun than a seductive or horrifying vampire? We suggest adding fangs and blood if you want to go all out! Ashley has tons of fake blood for your next Vampire Photoshoot.

  • Succubus: Succubi are beautiful creatures who use seduction to lure men into their traps. They may look like angels, but they'll suck your soul dry if you let them! This theme is perfect for those of us who are secretly sexy demons and want to be a hot person with horns.

  • Ghost: Ohh so spooky! This shoot your photos will be taken in the Studio. Then you will choose a Scary location nearby and Ashley will photograph it. A little photoshop work later you will be transformed into a semi-transparent ghost.

  • Possessed Nun: This theme is so versatile be a super scary Possessed Nun or add a hint of sexiness to it it is up to you!

  • Any cosplay of any Horror Character (Such as Ghost Face): The photo below shows a Ghost-Face Boudoir shoot but, like every theme, this can also be done in a classic creepy Horror styled look

  • Witch - Whether you identify as a witch like these witches in the photo below or you just love witches/the idea of being one a Witch Photoshoot can be loads of spooky fun.

  • Zombie- Go full on gross decaying zombie or you can be a zombae hottie playing dead is totally cool for adults too!

  • Clown- There are so many different types of scary clowns...and every type is perfect for a Horror photoshoot

Let me know what you think of this post and if I should make a part 2!

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