Exploring the Dark Corners of Imagination: About Surreal Temptations The Horror Photographer

About my Photography
Welcome to the haunting world of Surreal Temptations crafted by me, Ash Winning, a Horror Portrait Photographer and Filmmaker, specializing in supernatural and creature themes
My studio is located in Sacramento, California and I work with models, cosplayers, and fellow horror enthusiasts. If you're interested in participating in one of my macabre photoshoots or dark, horror-themed prints for your wall, please visit the Store & Services Page on the website
On this site, you'll find my portfolio featuring ghoulish characters, creepy creatures, and scenes straight from a nightmare. I use striking visuals and digital editing to create images that look hauntingly real. Through my lens, I love bringing to life nightmarish illusions.
My lifelong passion for the macabre and supernatural began in my pre-teens. Since I was about 12 years old, I've been drawn to horror films, especially ones with Supernatural or Horrifying Creatures.
Whether you're looking to have your darkest alter-ego immortalized through my lens or simply want to admire and purchase some spine-chilling Prints/wall art, I welcome you.
Prepare for a thrilling journey into the shadows. Explore my portfolio to witness the Horror, or contact me to discuss your own nightmarish visions!