Common mistakes when booking a Horror Photoshoot (and how to solve them)

If you are looking to book a Horror Photoshoot there are a few mistakes you can make along the way Read below the common mistakes people make when booking a Horror Photoshoot and how to solve them.

9/1/20221 min read

If you're looking to book a Horror Photoshoot, there are a few common mistakes to watch out for and solutions to avoid them:

  1. Not Knowing What You Want:

    • It's crucial to have some inspiration in mind. Communicate your preferences to your photographer, whether it's an elegant look with dramatic lighting or gory, spooky Horror. We're here to brainstorm and create the perfect sinister Horror Photoshoot with you.

  2. Overpaying and Under benefiting:

    • Before booking, research what's included in the service to avoid surprises. Pay attention to the number of photos and whether SFX work is part of the package.

  3. No Idea How to Pose:

    • Get familiar with your body's movements and looks before the photoshoot. Practice posing and conveying emotions in front of a mirror or through online inspiration. Share your favorite poses & inspiration to Photographer Ash before the photoshoot so they can follow your inspiration & find more poses you will like. These will all be saved on The Photographers phone ready to reference at the shoot!

  4. Not Discussing Photo Use:

    • Talk to your photographer about how you plan to use the photos. Digital rights for social media are common, but it's crucial to communicate other intentions.

  5. Not Researching the Location:

    • Horror photoshoots can take place anywhere, as long as it's legal and safe. Ask your photographer for suggestions and consider keeping it local to avoid extra charges.

  6. Coming to the Studio with Makeup On:

    • Arrive with a clean face unless you're doing your own SFX makeup. Trust your SFX artist to work their magic.

  7. Booking an Inexperienced Photographer:

    • Ensure your photographer has the experience you need by checking their portfolio, style consistency, and reaching out for direct inquiries.

  8. A Note on Surreal Temptations:

    • Ash specializes in Horror Photography and has over a decade of experience. Surreal Temptations Horror Photoshoot packages offer fast, honest answers and reasonable prices, with SFX makeup included in the basic package. We're here to make your Horror Photoshoot a memorable experience.