Best locations for Fantasy Photography in Sacramento (with photos!)

Looking for a good place to model for fantasy photos? Check out this list!

10/2/20222 min read

1.Paradise Beach- A beach perfect for mermaids and sea folk! It also has a little forest perfect for an elf or fairy!
Address: 5211 Carlson Drive Sacramento, ca 95819
2. Southside Park- A nice little park perfect for fae and elves!
Address: 2115 6th St Sacramento, CA 95818
3. Vizcaya Sacramento Hotel - This place has great fantasy vibes! They have ivy, water fountains, grass, and benches. It has a lot of opportunities to go along with a lot of fantasy themes. I have not gotten the chance to take fantasy photos there but, here is a photo of a beautiful Drag Queen I photographed there. Address: 2019 21st street Sacramento, ca 95818
4. Land park- Land Park has cute willow trees, some water, and stone walls. I have not shot any fantasy photos here yet. Let's make that change (Photo from Flickr photographer Anthony Dunn) Address: 3800 W Land Park Dr Sacramento, CA 95822
5. Capitol Rose Garden- Ah the sweet smell of roses! perfect for soft romantic looking fantasy photos. I am looking forward to doing some fantasy shoots here! Below is a Drag Artist I photographed at the Capitol Rose Garden.
Address: 1317 15th St, Sacramento, CA 95814
6. Surreal Temptations Studio- Last but not least, my studio located near Arden mall has many plain backdrops ready for a fantasy studio look or to edit and transport you in a different setting completely based on your theme! Below is a cyberpunk-themed photo taken in the studio!

Address: 2520 Ethan Way Sacramento CA