The best props and décor to get for your Fairy Friends Tea Party Photoshoot

Get some inspiration for your Adult Fairy Tea Party Shoot with pictures & links!

10/3/20222 min read

When you are planning your Fairy Friends Tea Party photoshoot there is a lot of things to think about. You want everything to look perfect, but the question is how do you get that? Well, you can start by getting the right props and decorations! Here are just a few things that can add that extra magic to your shoot:
  • Wands- How to DIY your own! It's technically for wizard sticks but with some imagination and magic you can make it a fairy wand!

  • Tea Set I have the mini Vintage Tea set shown below in the photo feel free to get ones more your style if you’d like!

  • Glitter aka Fairy Dust- You can find this everywhere in so many colors! Do a Quick Google Search! ;)

  • Lastly, Don't forget the Fairy Treats! Fairy treats can be anything sweet like cookies or cupcakes.

Tip: Don’t worry about getting all these Props and Décor just pick one or two if you’d like!

Bonus Tip: Surreal Temptations will Provide the Table, White Lace Tablecloth, Wooden Chairs & Moss Runner so don’t worry about those unless you want a different kind of tablecloth or something like that.
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